You Will Show Me the Path of Life

F                      Bb                    C
You will show me the path of life.
F                        Bb        C
Your my hope and my shelter.
F                  Bb          C         Bb
In your presence is endless joy
              F                 C            Dm
At your side is my home forever.

A                    A7           Dm
Faithful God, I look to You.
C                                   Bb F
You alone my life and fortune.
                             A             Dm
Never shall I look to other gods.
                  A  Dm  A 
You shall be my one hope.

A                                             Dm
From of old You are my heritage.
C                            F           Bb F
Your my wisdom and my safety.
                F                         A                 Dm
Your the light who speak within in my heart.
         A   Dm A 
Silently You teach me.

A                    A7                Dm
So my heart shall sing for joy.
C                                  Bb F
In Your arms I rest securely.
               F             A             Dm
You will not abandon me to death.
                  A   DmA 
You shall not desert me.
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