Lord Have Mercy (Key of D-A)

Intro:  D - A - D - A

D   A         D             A
Lord have mercy on us
                     D   A         D    E
We ask you, Lord, have mercy.
        D                 A
Our sins are our sorrows,
         D                             A
They wound you in your love
                    D      A
But they are over now.

And only you, only you
        A                        D A
Can save us from our sins.
D                      A
Lord, have mercy.

D    A         D              A
Christ have mercy on us,
                     D   A            D    E
We ask you, Christ, have mercy.
D                    A
Yes, we have sinned.
        D                             A
And close you from our hearts
                    D       A
But they are open now.

Please come in, please come in
         A                       D A
And free us from our sins.
D                       A
Christ have mercy.

O Salutaris

Intro:  G - C - G

G               C      G
O salutaris Hostia,
                  D         GDG
Quae caeli pandis ostium;
                             C  D
Bella premunt hostilia,
G                         DG
Da robur, fer auxilium.

G                   C      G
Uni trinoque Domino
G             D     GDG
Sit sempiterna Gloria,
                         C     D
Qui vitam sine termino
G                          DG  D G
Nobis donet in patria. Amen.

O saving Victim, opening wide
The gate of Heaven to man below;
Our foes press on from every side;
Thine aid supply; thy strength bestows.

To Thy Great Name be endless praise
Immortal Godhead, one in three.
O grant us endless length of days,
In our true native land with Thee. Amen.

Amay Namon (Lanton)

Intro:  E – F#m – E – F#m

F#m                      Bm       D            F#m
Amay namon nga yara ka sa mga langit
             D            C#7           F#m   E   F#m
Pagdayawon and Imong ngalan.
                                     Bm                F#m
Umabot sa among ang Imong ginharian
      DC#7 F#m                       D            C#7
Matuman ang ang Imong bu-ot diri sa duta.
Siling sang sa langit.

     E       D               F#m                  D                        F#m
Hatagan Mo kami nian sing kan-on namon sa matag-adlaw,
               D       C#7   F#m          D     C#7 F#m
Kag patawaron mo kami sang mga sala namon.
    E              D                F#m               E      D             F#m
Siling nga ginapatawad namon, ang mga nakasala sa amon.
        D   C#7   F#m       D          C#7      F#m
Kag dili mo kami ipadaug sa mga panulay.
        D            E             F#m       D EF# - E -F#
O Ginoo luwason Mo kami sa kala---ut.