Holy Is God

Just learned this hymn, sung as entrance hymn during the confirmation in our parish.  

Intro   D -  A -  D

D                Em           A        D
Now is the time, now is the place.
                       Em                          A
Here we all gather in God’s Holy space.
D                Em            A       D
Here is our hope, here is our light.
                         Em            A               D
Dawn is approaching and gone is the night.
                     G        A                     Em
All you who thirst, come seek and find.
D                           Em           D                A
Drink for the fountain of heaven’s sweet wine.
D                  G           A                      Em
All you who hunger, come seek and find.
D                          A             D
God of all plenty, God ever kind.

D                     Em            A       D
Now share the story, now we recall.
                                      Em                             A
How God leads the children who answer the call.
D         Em         A               D
Now remember all those in need,
                             Em        A               D
God come to comfort, the hungry to feed.
                   G         A               Em
Let us give thanks, let us sing songs,
D                           Em            D       A
Come to the feast of the God of all gods.
D                G         A          Em
Let us give praise, let us delight.
D                                     A                D
Come to the feast of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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