Life is a Searchcing

Can be sung at the end.

Intro:  Bm  A    E    A

A             E                             F#m              E
Life is a searching, a moving on, a sailing on.
D             A                   B7             E    E7
Man is a searcher, a mover on the sail.
A                E                     F#m         A  
Life is a battle, a winning out, a reaching out.
Bm          A                               E        A
Man is a yearner, a hand thats out to reach.

F#m                       C#7         F#m
Love is a giving, a two way sharing
Love is a flowing an all way spreading.
E                          C#7        D
Man is a giver, a sharer of self.
               A                    E
Man is a river running out till it runs out.

A             E                                F#m                     E
Time is a spining, a looking forward, an op'ning side-ward.
D             A                              B7          E    E7
Man is a dreamer, an eye that looks beyond.
A                     E                            F#m                  A  
Death is a journeying, a quest for rest, a flight to life.
Bm          A                      E        A
Man is a child, at rest in God alone.

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