Blest be the Lord

Dan Schutte
May thanks to Jose Maria Erta, Tata Elmido, 
Merlita Abellana, Sarah Esmalla, Arnel Paragua, 
Thomas Rainier Gales and Theodoro Elle 
for sharing their time and talent.

Can be sung as entrance hymn.

C      Dm C  Dm-G                   C-Am
Blest be the Lord; blest be the Lord,
                     Dm - G                     C-F-C
The God of Mercy, the God who saves.
C Dm   C  Dm-G                C   Am
I shall not fear, the dark of night,
             Dm   G                   C-F-C7
Nor the arrow that flies by day.

F            G                             Em                Am-Dm
He will release me from the nets of sinful men.
              G                                C                    C7
He will protect me from their wicked hands.
F                   G                     Em                 Am-Dm
Beneath the shadow of His wings I will rejoice.
                 G                        C-F-C
To find a dwelling place secure. (Refrain)

F         G                               Em                Am-Dm
I need not shrink before the terrors of the night,
                G                                      C    C7
Nor stand alone before the light of day.
F                      G                      Em                      Am-Dm
No harm shall come to me, no arrow strike me down,
             G                 C-F-C
No evil settle in my soul.

F             G                                    Em                Am-Dm
Although a thousand strong have fallen at my side,
            G                                       C       C7
I'll not be shaken with the Lord at hand.
F                  G                      Em             Am-Dm
His faithful love is all the armour that I need
                    G                      C-F-C
To wage the battle with the foe.

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