My People What have I Done To You

By: Francesca Leftly

Dm                                    Am
May people, what have I done to you?
                    Dm          Am          Dm
How have I hurt you?    Answer me.

   Dm     Bb        C          Am
I led you  out of Egypt,
               Dm Gm               Dm
I set you free,      I set you free.
                Bb                    C          A
I lead you    through the dessert
              Dm Gm                         Dm
And yet you       turn away from me. (Antiphon)

   Dm     Bb          C          Am
I fed you    in the dessert,
                Dm     Gm                 Dm
I led you through     the raging sea.
                 Bb           C        A
I gave you    saving water
                     Dm   Gm                 Dm
And yet you found      a cross for me. (Antiphon)

  Dm         Bb             C          Am
I gave you     a royal sceptre;
                    Dm Gm                 Dm
You offered me       a crown of thorn,
                   Bb       C          A
I raised you     as a nation;
                             Dm Gm                   Dm
You mocked and trea  -   ted me with scorn. (Antiphon)

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