Take my Hands

by: Sebastian Temple

E               A                                   B7         E
Take my hands and make them as your own,
        E7                            A                          B7
And use them for your kingdom here on earth.
F#m                       B7
Consecrate them to your care
    F#m                        B7
Anoint them for your service were
B7                               A        B7      E
You may need your gospel to be sown.

E               A                                   B7        E
Take my hands they speak now for my heart,
        E7                       A                             B7
And by their actions they will show their love.
F#m                             B7
Guard them on their daily course.
F#m                              B7
Be their strenght and guiding force.
     B7                     A     B7    E
To ever serve the Trinity above.

E               A                          B7         E
Take my hands I give them to you Lord,
      E7                           A                       B7
Prepare them for the service of your name.
F#m                 B7
Open them to human need
       F#m                           B7
And by their love they'll sow your seed
      B7                         A            B7            E
So all may know the love and hope you gave.

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