Mission of Man

Intro:  G C Am D7 G

G     Bm    C   D7,  G     Bm    C   D7   
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la...

G                      Em              Bm
Man Oh Man, look up and say.
C                Am                        D7
"Why am I here? What's my job? What's my goal?"
G                              Em          Bm
You are from God, not only clay;
C                Am              D7
You are a person with body and soul.

G                          Bm
You are never forsaken
               C                   D7          G
Like the sparrows all over the sky.
                     G7             C  Am
You may be badly bed ridden,
        D7                             G
Yet trust and you'll never die.

G     Bm    C   D7   
Repeat the verse

Second voice

If pride you'd have, God you'd forget
When you do strive to be great, aim too high.
Greatness will fade, you'll soon regret
Sooner of later you're going to cry.

You may be blind, begging all day,
Mission! Each one's got a job to be done.
Yes, you and you, get up and pray!
Do not forget you are part of God' plan.

Born with no feet? Born with no hands?
People would stare, "Look he's(she's) useless," they'd say.
You'd always sit, you'd have no friends,
God in His mercy "My child," He would say.

Famine and war, sickness and death,
Suffer we all, ev'ry person on earth.
Keep this in mind, Christ is with us!
He is the Healer, the Victor, the Lord.

For short version you may sing verse I only and repeat it.

You may watch the other video sung by Igbaras Choir for harmony.

Many thanks to Jose Maria Erta (Boy Erta), Angelo Evangelista, Jasper Erfe

Sarah Esmalla and Gemma Escanlar for sharing their time and talent.

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