Lord of Glory

By: Tim Manion

D                              C   B  G                        C    G
Leaping the mountains,     bounding the hills
                       F                               C    D    G
See how our God has come to meet us.
                      C     B G                    C
His voice is lifted;      His face is joy.
Am                                D             G    D     G
Now is the season to sing our song on high.

C                         D                      G                   C
Come, then, O Lord of glory, show us Your face.
Am                     C                                D
Speak, for we know Your words are life.

C                      D                        G        C
Pastures His flock among the wild flowr's
         Am                        C                         D
And leads them to the mountain of His love.

Am                    D    Bm                    Em
All through the day, all through the night
C                    F                              D
Seek for the Lord and sing His love.

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