I Thank My God

A                 Bm       E7
I thank my God
                     A                     F#m7
Each time I think of you!
                     Bm                  E7
And when I pray for you,
                   A           D
I pray with joy.

                                      E7       A           Bm7
Now there is one thing I am sure of,
                                   E7         A         D
He who began His work in you,
                             E7     A            B7
Will see that it is truly finished,
When the day of Jesus comes!

                                     E7      A                Bm7
That I should feel like this towards you
                            E7      A         D
Seems only natural to me.
                                            E7       A              B7
For you have shared with me my labours!
The Gospel privilege with me!

                                              E7       A           Bm7
Since you have borne with me my burdens,
                                E7         A         D
I now bear you within my heart!
                                        E7     A             B7
And God alone knows how I miss you!
I love you just as Christ loves me!

                                      E7          A              Bm7
I pray your knowledge will be deepened!
                              E7         A         D
Your love be mutual and strong!
                                        E7          A              B7
Then you will reach the perfect goodness!
Then to the Lord you will belong!

Second Voice - Soprano

Learned from CSCJ. By: Frank Anderson, MSC

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