In His Time

D         Em  A7    D           Bm
In His time,     In His time.
                   Em                     A7            D    D7
He makes all things beautiful, in His time.
                        G                      Em
Lord, please show me everyday,
A7        F#m                       Bm
As you teaching me Your way.
                  Em                         A7            D
That You'll do just what you say in You time

D           Em  A7    D           Bm
In Your time,    In Your time.
                   Em                     A7            D    D7
You make all things beautiful in Your time
                G                 Em
Lord, my life to you I give
A7            F#m                    Bm
May each song I always sing
           Em                   A7               D
Be to You a lovely thing in Your time.

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