Take Our Bread (We are Yours)



Take our bread,
       Bm                         Em
We ask you take our hearts,
        A7                          D
We love you, take our lives,
      Em                      A7                 D
O Father, we are yours, we are yours

                       Bm              D              Bm
Yours as we stand at the table you set
D                     G                          Em                   A7
Yours as we eat the bread our hearts can't forget
D                    Bm              D               Bm
We are the signs of your life with us yet,
                Em                   A7
We are yours, we are yours.

                 Bm                    D                    Bm
Your holy people stand washed in your blood,
D                          G                 Em             A7
Spirit-filled, yet hungry, we await your food.
D                          Bm                  D                               Bm
Poor though we are, we have brought ourselves to you.
                Em                   A7
We are yours, we are yours.

by: Joe Wise

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