My Shepherd Is The Lord

           Learned this hymn last Saturday from the girls in our parish in preparation with the First Communion on 17 of May 2014.

My shepherd is the Lord
Em                         A
He tends all my needs.
        D                        Em          D
By quiet streams he plants a dream
        G                           Em          A7
Of peace and love for me
He shepherds me.

Sometimes when I'm afraid,
Em                    A
Sad and all alone,
         D                        Em    D
You make my tears disappear
  G                           Em       A7
With your touch of joy.
You shepherd me. (Refrain:)

You give me food to eat,
Em                         A
Bless me every day.
        D                    Em         D
You give me rest as your guest
      G                    Em          A7
Forever in your home.
You shepherd me. (Refrain)

 (by Jack Miffleton)

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