Only this I Want

D          A    Bm G            A            D      A     D
Only this I want,   but to know the Lord,
          A             Bm             GM7        A             D
And bear his cross, so to wear the crown He wore.

Am            B7    Em     Am        B7            Em
    All but this is loss, worthless refuse to me.
F#                            Bm           E           A      A7
   For to gain the Lord, is to gain all I need.

Am       B7      Em   Am    B7                 Em
   I will run the race, I will fight the good fight,
F#                         Bm              E                      A      A7
   So to win the prize, to possess Christ my Lord.

Am            B7      Em         Am        B7             Em
   Let your hearts be glad, always glad in the Lord,
F#                            Bm              E                       A      A7
   So to shine like stars, in the darkness of the night.

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