All That We Have

This is an offertory hymn.  Hope you like it...:)

D                  Bm          G               D
All that we have, and all that we offer,
                              F#m           G             A7  D        
Comes from our heart both frightened and free.
                          G         D           Bm               F#m
Take what we bring now and give what we need,
G      A7               D
All done in His Name.

Bm                                      F#m
Some would rely on their power
G                 Em               Bm
Others put trust in their gold
Em               F#m         Bm
Some have only their Savior
              Em              F#m              G   A7
Whose faithfulness never grows old.

Bm                                            F#m
Sometimes the road may be lonesome
G               Em               Bm
Often we may lose our way
            Em               F#m         Bm
Take courage and always remember
Em            F#m         G   A7
Love isn't just for a day.

Bm                                               F#m
Sometimes when troubles are many
G                        Em            Bm
Life can seem empty, it's true
Em                    F#m          Bm
But look at the life of the Master
         Em          F#m            G   A7
Who lovingly suffered for you.

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