Lord Have Mercy (Key of D-A)

Intro:  D - A - D - A

D   A         D             A
Lord have mercy on us
                     D   A         D    E
We ask you, Lord, have mercy.
        D                 A
Our sins are our sorrows,
         D                             A
They wound you in your love
                    D      A
But they are over now.

And only you, only you
        A                        D A
Can save us from our sins.
D                      A
Lord, have mercy.

D    A         D              A
Christ have mercy on us,
                     D   A            D    E
We ask you, Christ, have mercy.
D                    A
Yes, we have sinned.
        D                             A
And close you from our hearts
                    D       A
But they are open now.

Please come in, please come in
         A                       D A
And free us from our sins.
D                       A
Christ have mercy.

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