Come to the Water (Key of C)

Intro:  F - C - F - C - F - G - C

C                             F                   C
Come to the water, you who are thirsty!
F                           C              Dm        G
Though you have nothing, I bid you come!
             F                              C     F             C
And be filled with the goodness, I have to offer!
F              G     C
Come! Listen! Live!

F                         G         C
Why speed your money on what cannot fill,
       F                G                 C
The emptiness deep in your heart.
F                    C
Listen to my word and you will enjoy.
F                               G
Goodness and peace in your heart.

F                G           C
Just as the heavens are high above earth.
 F                    G                        C
My ways and thoughts beyond you.
F                                C
Call me your Father and know I am near.
F            G
I will be Father to you.

F               G            C
Just as the rain falls to water the earth.
       F        G                   C
Just as the sea becomes bread.
F                       C
My word upon you can never return.
     F           G
Until my longing is filled.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Verse 1 should be "Why spend your money. ....".
Verse 3 should read "Just as the seed becomes bread....."