All My Days

May thanks to Jose Maria Erta, Tata Elmido, 
Merlita Abellana, Sarah Esmalla, Arnel Paragua, 
Thomas Rainier Gales and Theodoro Elle 
for sharing their time and talent.

Intro:  Am Gm7 C7  F

F                            Gm
Till the end of my days, Oh Lord,
A                        Bb
I will bless your name.
                Am                      Gm7 -  C7
Sing your praise, give you thanks,
All my days.

                 F                                       Gm
You have made me little less than a god,
                  Bb                                        F
And have lavished my heart with your love,
         Dm                                    Am7
With dignity and honor you've clothed me,
Bb           Gm7        C - C7
Given me rule over all. (Refrain)

                 F                                                  Gm
You have blessed me with good things and plenty,
             Bb                                 F
And surrounded my table with friends.
         Dm                                    Am7
Their love and their laughter enrich me;
Bb          Gm7               C - C7
Together we sing your praise. (Refrain)

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