In the Morning (For Easter Sundays)

By Dan Schutte, S.J.

Intro:  D  F#m  G  A7  Bm F#m G A D F#m G A7

            D                F#m
Let the heavens be glad
              G          A7   D F#m G A7
And the earth rejoice. Alleuia.
          F#m G       A7
He is risen as He said.
Bm F#m G       A D  F#m G A7
Alleluia,    Alleluia.

The Lord shall come to make
        G      A        Bm             F#m
The glory of His voice to be heard
          G                 A       A7
In the joy of your heart.

D                A         Bm              F#m
Christ, our hope, is risen from death.
G                       F#m
Go and tell this wonder,
              G             A         A7
Throughout all the world.

        D    F#m        Bm
This day you shall know
        A              Bm              F#m
The Lord will come to save us,
        G        A
And in the morning
F#m                      G A    A7
You shall see His glory.


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