God Knows All About Tomorrow

This hymn composed by John W. Peterson.  This is one of the hymn sung during the Holy Eucharist on our graduation day in college.  I introduce this in our parish and the choir love it, we sung this every Advent..:)

God has measured time's duration,
Dm                                     E7
Night and day are His creation.
Am                           Dm       G7      C
And the changing seasons of the year;
Gm                            C          A7
He's the one who watches o'er me
Dm                                    Em
And prepares the way before me
Am                        D                   G      G7
There is nothing now I need to fear.

C                                     F            A7
God knows all about tomorrow
Dm                                   G
He can see beyond today;
C                                  Gm
Be it filled with joy or sorrow,
A7               D7                G      G7
He has planned it that way.
C                                 F            A7
So I don not fear the future,
Dm                              G
On His promises I stand;
C                                      F
God knows all about tomorrow
Dm           C       G          C
For He holds it in His hand!

Life's uncertainties may haunt me,
Dm                                   E7
Foolish fears may try to taunt me
Am                     Dm            G7           C
Till my heart is filled with doubt and dread;
Gm                      C           A7
He who set the planets spinning
Dm                                     Em
Sees the end from the beginning
Am                         D                          G      G7
He will keep me through the days ahead; (chorus)

All the world is in confusion,
Dm                                   E7
"Peace on earth" is but illusion
Am                                 Dm   G7    C
And the phrase seems only   a cliché;
Gm                  C           A7
But in trying times so fearful
Dm                                 Em
I can still be calm and cheerful,
Am                        D                    G      G7
And with glad assurance I can say: (Chorus)

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