O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine

      E                          F#m
O Sacred Heart! O Love Divine!
      B7                         E
Do keep us near to Thee,
And make our love so like to Thine,
         E            B7   E
That we may holy be.

Heart of Jesus, hear,
       B7                        E
O Heart of  Love Divine!
            E7            A
Listen to our pray'r
B7                           E
Make us always Thine!

      E                          F#m
O Temple pure! O house of Gold!
        B7                       E
Our heaven here below!
What sweet delights, what wealth untold,
           E             B7      E
From Thee do ever flow!

       E                             F#m
Ungrateful hearts, Forgetful hearts,
        B7                           E
The hearts of all have been,
To wound They side with cruel darts,
             E                B7         E
Which they have made by sin.

(Learned from San Jose Parish, Iloilo City.)

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