Here Am I, Oh God

This was my the Responsorial Psalm during my wedding.  Can be sung during First communion.  Sorry for the home made chords...:)

C            G
Here am I, Oh God,
I come to do Your will
Here am I,
                        G        C
I come to do Your will

C                        G                                         C
I've waited for you and you heard me, Oh God.
F                           C      F              G
You have put a new song in my mouth.
      E              Am              F         Dm
A hymn of praise to the God of my salvation.

C                          G                                  C
You opened my ear to your word, Oh God.
F                           C                 G     Dm
You take no delight in empty sacrifice.
      E              Am          F         Dm         
To do your will, is my life and my delight, Oh God.

C                      G                                 C
I sing of your justice, I sing of your peace.
F                        C     F              G           Dm
I sing of your faithfulness and steadfast love.
      E              Am              F             Dm
I chant your praise in the midst of all your people.

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