Hail Redeemer King Divine

I learned this lovely hymn in Tisrara Parish...:) Hope you like it too!

C                F        Dm
Hail! Redeemer King Divine
G          F       C                      Dm
Priest and Lamb the throne is thine.
C                     F              Dm F
King whose reign shall never cease,
G         C DmC Dm C
Prince of ever lasting peace.

C                        G         F
Angels, saints and nations sing
                         G        F      C
Praised be Jesus Christ our King
          G   F              G    C    G
Lord of life, earth, sky and sea
               F                G  C
King of love on Calvary.

C           F        Dm
Eucharistic King what love
G             F     C                Dm
Draws thee daily from above
C               F          Dm   F
Clad in signs of bread and wine
G       C    Dm C    Dm  C
Feed us, lead us, keep us thine.

C                       F         Dm
King whose name creation thrills
G         F      C                       Dm
Rule our minds, our hearts, our wills
C             F             Dm F
Till in peace each nation rings.
G        C DmC     Dm  C
With thy praises King of Kings.

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