Father, Mercy

Bm                     G         A
Father, mercy Father, hear me. 
Em                     F#            Bm     F#7
Why have you gone from me?
Bm                           G            Am
Broken, humbled, waiting, hopeful,
Em            F#       Bm
Father, return to me.

Bm                    Em        A
Wash me, my Lord, forgive me my sin;
                Bm                    G            F#
In Your goodness have mercy on me.
      Bm                Em       A
For I have done evil before you, I know,
           G                         Em          F#
Have sinned from the day I was born.

Bm                     Em          A
Teach me you wisdom, cleanse my heart
       Bm             G                F#
And I shall be whiter than snow.
Bm                Em               A
Sing to me songs full of gladness and joy,
               G                        Em                F#
And the bones you have broken shall rise.

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