Christmas Story Hymn with lyrics and chords

C                                                      Dm
Christmas with its tress and windows all a glow
G                                                    C          Am
Christmas with its snow and ice and mistletoe.
C                                                            F
Christmas can't you hear the church bells ringing.
G                                                             C         G
From within can't you hear the choir boys singing.

Male:  Silent night (prolong)                    G
Female:               clouds are upon the earth,
Male:  Holy night (prolong)              C
Female:                bring peace and joy everywhere.

Am                                                        F
From your heart, with a joyous message call
G                                                C    G    G7
Peace on earth, merry Christmas all.

Repeat Chorus

You may watch the other video with harmony
by Igbaras Choir.

Many thanks to Jose Maria Erta (Boy Erta), 
Jing Huay Ang, Sarah Esmalla, Angelo Evangelista, 
and Francis Joseph Derla  for sharing their time and talent.

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